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Official Harry Potter and Fantastic Beats lifesize and mini cardboard cutouts. With these brilliant party cutouts you are sure to create the atmosphere you want at your event today. Surprise the fan in your life with a lifesize cut out of their favourite character. Guests and fans will delight in the opportunity to be pictured with their hero. Imagine a party where you are greeted by Hagrid or having Hermione as guest of honour at your wedding.
The story of Harry Potter is loved and cherished by millions. It is easy to see why. So many people have grown up with the Harry Potter characters, we feel we know them and we are part of their magical universe. All the characters are instantly recognisable. With these incredible Wizarding World lifesize cardboard cutouts you can be assured of quality. Approved by Warner Bros. and J.K Rowling, these official Harry Potter Collectors Items are of amazing iconic images and for those who are Pottermore.

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